An Exciting Journey to the Seven Churches of Asia

An Exciting Journey to the Seven
Churches of Asia

If you’re wondering where to go on your
next vacation, why not opt for a trip to exotic Turkey?  As the base of early
Christianity, it boasts a line-up of sites and landmarks you won’t want to
miss.  Its regal architecture will transport you to the era of the sultans
while the gamma of souks and shops will render you speechless. 

If starting out in Istanbul, you’ll want
to visit the Church of St. Savior known for its magnificent mosaics; or St. Sophia Church, an iconic blue-colored mosque that dominates the landscape.  You’ll want
to experience the lavishness of the Topkapi Palace, home of the Ottoman sultans
for more than 400 years. 

At just a short drive from town you can
explore Homer’s Troy as described in the Illiad.  You may continue to
Alexandria Troas where Paul set sail on his second missionary trip and to Pergamum, the site of the impressive Seven Churches of Asia.  You’ll come across the
Acropolis with the altar of Zeus, a great number of palaces and the biggest
synagogue of Asia Minor.     

And if you’re traveling this far, how
about signing up for one of the many holy land tours offered on the Internet? 
By doing so you’ll get the chance to visit sumptuous locations such as Caesarea, once the capital of Judea during Roman times or the site of the Armageddon in Megiddo or perhaps the Bahai Temple in Haifa, best known for its gorgeous Persian
gardens.  You‘ll get to stay at a Kibbutz, float on the waters of the Dead Sea and witness the remains of a second century synagogue in Capernaum.  If you choose
the lengthier tours, you’ll have the opportunity to stop at Tabgha where the
miracle of the loaves and fish took place according to scriptures.  You’ll be
driven to Nazareth to the Church of the Annunciation and to the Roman Theater, recently discovered in Beit Shean.  You’ll enjoy the scenery as you drive
along the banks of the Jordan River to Jerusalem, an unforgettable

In Jerusalem, you’ll get to pick among
an impressive list of important historical and biblical sites.  From King
David’s tomb to the room of the Last Supper, there’s plenty to see. 

You won’t dispute that a vacation to
this part of the world is an experience you won’t soon forget.     


Experience Exotic Ethiopia

Experience Exotic Ethiopia


For an unforgettable journey, consider Ethiopia –a small country situated in the horn of the African continent.  Your adventure
will begin with Addis Ababa, the capital.  It’s one of the most important
cities in Africa, showcasing 700 embassies and home to the United Nation’s
Economic commission.  If you’re a nature lover, head out to Mount Entoto to admire the vistas.  And if you’re a history buff, enjoy a visit to the Trinity
Cathedral, the largest of all religious landmarks. 

From here you’ll depart for Bahir Dar,
an icon on the banks of Lake Tana.  This large body of water surrounds 37
scenic islands, most of which boast churches and monasteries from different
periods.  If time allows embark on a cruise.  You’ll sail to the location of
the Monastery of Ura Kidane Mihret, a landmark that dates back to the 13th
century.  You’ll pass the nearby markets as you move on to the next destination
of Gondar.  This unusual town is best known as “the Camelot of Africa” given
its fairy tale castles built in a span of 200 years.       

On this segment of the tour you’ll visit
the Selassie Church lavishly adorned with biblical scenes.  Afterward, you’ll
depart for Lalibela, also known as the “eighth wonder of the world” and a holy
site.  You’ll see a cross-shaped place of worship built centuries ago.  You’ll
also get to visit the famed St. Mary’s Church, named by historians as the site
of the “ark of the covenant,” the ruins of a palace which once belonged to the
Queen of Sheba and the Axium museum displaying 2,000 years of arts and crafts. 
Ethiopia merits more than one visit.  After all, its list of treasures is
simply impressive.       

But if you’re not ready to head back
home, consider extending your trip.  Stay longer or add another fabulous
destination.  While you’re enjoying the marvels of the African continent, why
not opt for one of the holy land tours?  They’ll take you to close-by places
such as Israel, Egypt and Jordan.  You’ll be inspired by all the history,
tradition and spirituality of the journey.  No matter what your religious
beliefs are, the Holy Land offers something for everyone. 

Make your reservations now.  It’s a
perfect time to travel.     


A New Generation of Maps

New Generation of Maps


new maps is of global importance.  The ones that were made years ago now pose
limited practicality.  Just imagine if you wanted to visit the former Soviet Union and you were not in possession of the latest travel guides.  You would not
know which city airport was closest to your desired destination or how to plan
your itinerary.  Today, thanks to advances in technology, a new generation of
atlases has emerged.  


flying airplanes and pointing laser rays over mountains and rivers,
cartographers can now provide clearer data.  They’re using the newest invention
for charting improved maps.  The information they gather not only helps in
plotting the new drawings; it assists scientists restore endangered animal
habitats and prevents the loss of many species such as that of salmon. 


or the “airborne laser,” as it’s known, is more precise than older
technologies.  It’s like comparing your telescope to the Hubble.  This is the
latest advancement for improving topographical cartography.

A New Generation of Maps – חלק 2

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way “Lidar” works is simply astounding.  As beams of light bounce off flora,
water and rock formations, it transmits signals back to a main power machine. 
The device makes all the mathematical calculations; it performs in-depth analytical
studies of factors such as the type of vegetation in the area, the water’s
depth levels and even the curvature and sharpness of the boulders.  The data is
so accurate that it can determine the angle or degree of inclination of a
stream’s slope.  It can give biologists the needed statistics to decide whether
a river is apt for supporting additional or new marine life.


immensely useful, Lidar is still in its infant stages and needs to be
perfected.  It’s however becoming very popular.  As of today, only the state of
Connecticut has been portrayed on maps with the use of this apparatus.  Other
government entities are slowly coming on board and are beginning to appreciate
its uses. 


time new items are introduced, people tread lightly.  When the I.D scanner was
developed, only a handful of night club owners saw its utility.  Now, it’s the
most widely used gadget for verifying someone’s age and identity.